About Me

I'm an Economics & Data Science student at UC Berkeley who loves finding new solutions to old problems. In that goal, I work at the intersection of strategy, government, and technology.

Much of my time is spent exploring strategy consulting, emerging industries, and financial modeling. I've also gained real-world experience by working for businesses such as Yue Xin Chinese School and technology startup Primby.

As District President of Leo Club, an international service organization, I've worked with schools across four counties to further food security and quality education in low income communities. The fundraisers and volunteer events that we have organized have benefited over 1000 families in the Bay Area.


In politics, my significant work has been through the Santa Clara Democratic Party and John Chiang for Governor campaign, promoting progressive policy at both a state and local level. As Chair of the California Youth Policy Alliance, I lead in civic advocacy, lobbying legislators to advance the role of students in politics. 

​Predominantly though, I'm a typical teenager, working my way through homework and wasting much of my time on Tiktok.

Hi, I'm Ted.